Sunday, September 2, 2012

What She Ate: 08-07-12

The other night Jake was gone. Kate had crashed and was not likely to wake up again before morning. That left Lily and I to have dinner by ourselves. Of course, in such situations I tend not to feel very motivated to do anything very involved for dinner when the hubs is not going to be there. Lily however really begged me to make her a "Julie Surprise" instead of just a pbj or what-not. So I told her she had to stay in the other room while I concocted something. I made her a personal pizza, using the carb free recipe I found a while ago. (Carbs are not so much the issue with me, just a P.s. I am avoiding non-organic wheat products more and more because of GMO issues. Anyways, this is a ton faster than traditional pizza dough.)

As I was making it, Lily kept popping into the kitchen trying to catch a glimpse of what I was doing, but I wouldn't give her any hints since it was supposed to be a surprise. Since I wouldn't satisfy her curiosity she began using her imagination and trying to "suppose" what surprise I must be making for her. She started to talk about if I could make her food that looked like a unicorn. I was like, "Umm, that would be kinda hard. Plus, I've already starting something else so sorry, you'll get what you get." Yet, she kept talking about the unicorn idea. (She's a little obsessed lately) so finally as I adding toppings I decided to try making a unicorn for her out of carrots with some broccoli foliage. Usually if I put carrots on pizza I slice them super thin with a peeler, but I figured it wouldn't matter if they were thicker this time. She was so excited when she saw her personal unicorn pizza. She ate every bite of that nine inch pie, all but the last one which she generously bestowed upon me so that I could taste how it had turned out.
Pretty good.