Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning to FLY!

Okay, so one of my most recent discoveries has kept me very busy lately in a very positive and surprisingly un-stressed way! I discovered the FLY Lady. I'm guessing that probably everyone has all ready heard of her since that seems to be the case when I share my joy, but nonetheless I cannot chance that someone else might not hear about this because I didn't share.

FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. The FLY Lady has a whole program that will change your life if you just give it a try. The first step, I discovered after signing up is to shine your sink. It seemed a little random but I tried it and suddenly my whole perspective and motivation about housework and all other aspects of my life have changed amazingly!
I took this photo right after I finished shining exactly three weeks ago, and it is still shining!!! So amazing! You should see, I totally shined my stove today too!

Check out The FLYLady for yourself. Signing up is free and then you can go shine your own sink! I'd love to see pictures, so if you do it, please post a link to a picture of you shiny sink! Hooray for a better tomorrow!