Friday, June 5, 2009

The Praying Mantis: A Gardener's Best Friend

I recently was reading this bog I follow and was surprised to read that the author had bought Praying Mantis eggs because she had a problem with beetles eating up her plants.

I had never heard of this, but upon researching further, I found that this is a pretty common practice among farmers and gardeners. Anyway, it makes sense to me, and if we ever have money again I'm thinking it would be a good idea since the number one bugs I see around my house and garden are big black beetles. It's ridiculous really. Especially, finding them in the house so frequently, so yes. Buying a nice Garden predator seems like a logical solution.

Here is a shop I found that sells them, and according to this shop not all species of mantis are FDA approved so you have to make sure you aren't buying illegal eggs just because they're cheaper. Anyway, here's that site.

And here's an E-how article that has some useful information on the topic. Be sure to scroll down and read the extra tips and warnings.