Monday, July 27, 2009

Log Draft Buster by Naturally Meg

Here's a fun project that my cousin just finished. It's really cute and creative and even stuffed with used plastic grocery sacks! Anyway, thought it'd be a good one to share!
~Julie :}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harriet Skirt

I recently finished a skirt I've been working on.It was a fun and challenging project. My husband wanted me to send a pair of his dockers to the D.I. for one tiny blemish, and I said, "I have a better idea! Let's make them into something else!"

Hence the conception of the Harriet Skirt. I was going to call it the Reporter's Skirt because the big pockets in the front are a great size for hiding a little notebook/notepad and pen, but then I thought the name didn't flow too well, and probably most reporters wouldn't wear a skirt from recycled/upcycled materials (Well, not unless they were doing a story on being green. :} )
Anyway, then it came to me that a spy would be more likely to wear something that could conceal their writing materials, at least, a spy like Harriet the Spy. (Random Fact: A guy I knew once told me that I reminded him of Harriet the Spy. Funny huh?) Anyway, hence the birth of the name for the skirt.
I used every bit of the pants that I could. I didn't even completely unpick or cut the waist band or the belt loops. I just overlapped the waistband so it would be more conducive to womens sizes. Sadly, however it is a still little big for me, so I wasn't the best model. (What I wouldn't give for a dress dummy!)
The only parts of the skirt that weren't originally part of the dockers are a few buttons (two on the back flaps and one on the waist band) and, of course, most of the thread.
Let me know what your think? Do you know anyone who would wear this? I currently have it up in my etsy shop.

Monday, July 6, 2009

In Need of Comfort?

Come check out this great new blog! Share your own uplifting experiences and stories.

Friday, July 3, 2009