Monday, March 9, 2009

My experience with Coconut Oil, Yeast and Chubby Babies

I love chubby babies! Which is good because I was one, I had one and I will probably continue to have them.

Here is Lillian at about 11 weeks. Right about the time that we discovered the source of the reasty smell that we kept noticing around her.I had heard my mother tell a similar story about one of my brothers, that she kept smelling this nasty smell and finally realized that he had all kinds of nasty spit up, crubs and lint in a hidden fold under his chubby chin. With this in mind I had tried to always remember to clean Lillian's neck whenever we bathed her, but apparently I didn't look deep enough. Finally I lost some timidity and really looked and found that beneath the fold I had been cleaning was a deeper fold in which fungus had started to grow and the skin inside was sore and red and weepy. I can tell you, I felt like such a horrible mother! My Pediatrician suggested an anti-fungal cream, the kind you use for athletes foot. We tried it at first, but I wasn't to keen on this idea because 1. it smelled, 2. I was worried she might touch it on her neck and then put her hands in her mouth and 3. it said to consult a doctor before using on young children. I had already done this, but just the fact that that warning was there made me nervous.

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm all about finding the most natural way to solve problems, and drugs and chemicals are not my friends.

I did some research of my own and found a site that seemed like they might have the answers, but I wasn't sure, so I e-mailed the creators of the site and asked them about my specific problem here is what I wrote:

Dear Marti, Jim, Betsy & John,
I just found your site while doing research online about yeast infections. My 2 month old baby is off the charts in her weight and I have just discovered that she has yeast growing in a secret fold of her neck. I've read a few things that suggest using antifungals or probiotics, but then I found your site. I didn't see anything that suggest that Threelac can help this kind of infection as I would assume it would need to be applied topically in this case, rather than orally. However, if I am wrong about this, or if you carry a topical product meant for this sort of fungus, could you please write back and let me know? I would be most grateful for any help and/or advice you can offer me.
Thank you so much for your time,
Mrs Julie ____

This was my answer:

Dear Julie,
Thank you for taking the time to email us with your concerns about your daughters fungal overgrowth!
ThreeLac is indeed safe for children of all ages (barring any allergies to an ingredient). ThreeLac is taken by mouth for everyone. Simply dampen your finger and put it into ThreeLac and put it on your babies tongue! Quite simple.
Follow the dosing suggestions on our website for children. Scroll down to the dosing link.....

For topical relief of her skin rash while ThreeLac is working from the inside out, try applying virgin coconut oil to the affected area. We have found this natural antifungal to be very efficient when used in this manner.
Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance to you and your family!

We wish you health and healing,

Marti & Jim

Betsy & John


Please be aware that we are not licensed doctors, nurses, nutritional consultants or health care professionals.

We are simply individuals who care about health and wellness – and we are sharing our own experiences with you!

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I was so grateful to have this new information. I did not purchase their product, but I did go out and buy some coconut oil and it worked amazingly! Plus, it smelled good and was perfectly edible and safe for my baby.

Lillian has never had thrush of the mouth but if she did I would probably try this product. I think these people are genuinely trying to help others and they make no claims about being doctors, just people who have done their own research and have found what works for them, so if my next baby ever develops thrush I will definitely look further into this ThreeLac product.

Anyway, as for the coconut oil, this is a wonderful natural anti-fungal and it can be found at your local health food store, though I've found it's a bit cheaper at Smiths Marketplace in the organic section. Though Lillian no longer has fungus in her neck, she does occasionally still get fungal-type diaper rashes, which even the best of diaper rash ointments will not help. You can usually tell because it looks really bumpy and irritated, kind of like ring worm. The only thing that helps clears this up is coconut oil.

Also, many sites I've found claim there are many other health benefits to coconut oil ( and some people take a tablespoonful a day and swear that it keeps them healthy. I have not tried this myself as it still is a bit expensive to be using so liberally, but I do occasionally use (a separate container) it in my cooking. It is a good butter substitute and one of those healthful fats, though not a golden oil. It adds a nice touch to Asian, Indian or Hawaiian recipes.