Friday, June 6, 2014

Julie Surprise: Laundry Basket Tip

I recently read somewhere online about a Mom who has all of her kids do their own laundry, even the really young ones. They all have their own basket and are responsible for washing and folding and putting away their own clothes.

Because I have a stacked washer/dryer I'm not sure that requiring them to climb up in order to reach the dryer makes a lot of sense for us right now, but I have been trying to figure out ways to give my girls more responsibilities and it occurred to me that in my Mom's house, all seven of us kids had our own laundry basket; where my Mom, or whoever was doing the laundry, would put our clothes for us to take upstairs and put away.  Granted, I think some of us just left the clothes there and only came to pull something out when the closet was looking bare, but for those who lived upstairs it was a convenient way to transport newly washed clothing easily.

At any rate, I have six of these bright green laundry baskets that I bought on sale at Smith's a few years ago (when they were on sale for $0.99 each!) they've been useful for sorting different colored loads, but I've found that I do tend to wash all my girls clothes together without separating the colors much, (they're mostly either pastel colors or hot pink anyway) so I realized maybe I should designate a couple of these baskets for my girls to have for their own. Also, since I've been trying to get them to help with putting away laundry for a while now, I thought maybe this new idea would add some novelty to something they tend to find rather dull.

Then the question became, how do I designate the baskets? My mom wrote our names on ours with a sharpie, but I kind of wanted it to be easier to see at a glance.
Suddenly it came to me! I realized that all I needed to do was thread a different pretty ribbon through the mesh in order to personalize the baskets for each girl. Yay!

 Interestingly enough, I already had a few ribbons that even matched the shade of green of the baskets. 
My four year old goes by the nickname Kitty, and she loves anything Hello Kitty, she even has some Hello Kitty clothing in her wardrobe, so it seemed pretty obvious which ribbon should be on her basket.
My older daughter, Lillian, is seven now and a bit more serious. She doesn't like Hello Kitty anymore because that's for babies, ya know? So I figured she would be fine with a shimmery, sheer, floral ribbon. Besides, she prefers to go by 'Lily' so something with flowers seemed appropriate.

So there you have it! A simple way to designate and personalize laundry baskets!
Hope this made you day a little brighter!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Golden Afternoon (A Theme for Flowering Vine)

This is probably my very favorite theme that I designed for the Flowering Vine Live Wallpaper App.

I started out wanting to do something that had at least all the primary colors so that it would feel rich and full and vibrant. I chose to make the background gold and tried to make it look as truly golden as possible with the parchment texture. I think it sort of looks like gold leaf. Then I made the butterflies blue and slightly transparent so as to contrast with the background. Then to round out the color scheme I made the flowers rich pink with dark green vines. Finally I added a purple haze for the vignette effect.

I just love the feeling of this theme. It seems warm and luxurious like a palace garden in India or something. The name I chose for this theme, of course brings to mind the song from Disney's Alice and Wonderland, but I chose it because it seemed to fit the gold theme and reminds me of a dreamy summer day.

If you want to have a lot of fun playing around with the app making your own themes, the app is available for Android and can be purchased here. Thor Media has a lot of other pretty live wallpapers as well. Check them out!