Monday, August 29, 2016

Roasted Zucchini mini "Pizzas" (What I ate Aug 28, 2016)

I know this idea is all over pinterest and the internets. . . I just thought I'd take some pics and offer my own recommendation.

It's a super easy recipe/concept.
Although you may find variations and tips all over for how to do it, I basically sliced up a zucchini, arranged the slices on a baking sheet, basted them with a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper and then roasted them at 40 degrees F for about 10 minutes.

Then pulled them out and added some shredded cheddar and sliced grape tomatoes (which by the way were amazing! My friend gave them to me fresh from her garden!) with some more salt and pepper. . . .

Then popped them back into the oven until the cheese was sufficiently melted.

It was a delicious, comforting meal for me. Though honestly, nothing like pizza.
they didn't hold together once I started cutting into them, as the olive oil made the cheese were slip off; but the fact that they didn't look as pretty was really not a concern for me, because I was hungry and they were tasty. :}

Update: October 13, 2016

I made these again today, and used a little less oil. I also cooked them a bit longer and let the cheese get a bit crispy, and I added italian seasoning on top of the tomatoes before I put them back into the oven. All these changes made it even tastier than last time!
Thanks for reading and let me know if you try it!
~Julie :}

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Super Easy High Protein Snack!

We sometimes shop at NPS for groceries and though they often are not known for healthy meats in their frozen section, we were fortunate enough to find these thin cuts of beef by Simple Truth that had no weird additives that I can't eat. (I.E. MSG, Gluten, Sugar Etc.) They were about $0.50 each or something, so we bought a bunch of them and I depended on them as my source of meat for a couple of weeks. They are as thin as lunch meat though, so finding ways to eat them took a little extra thought since sandwiches are not really an option. (If you wanted gluten free meat, why would you want it in a sandwich anyway? I mean, I guess you could use gluten free bread, but I'm personally not a fan. Hmm, maybe that's why these ended up at NPS.)

Anyway, so most of the time I'd warm these cuts up on the griddle, season them according to my mood and tear them up to eat over a salad. However, on this particular day, I think I was out of salad greens, or maybe just feeling lazy; (Possibly both). So I warmed them up as usual, (though I think I just stuck to some simple salt and pepper this time,) and then topped them with some goat cheese and green onion spears. I thought they were pretty tasty, and were a great easy high protein snack so I thought it might be worth a share.
Hopefully it will at least inspire someone to the possibilities that come with a no bread diet. You wouldn't have to warm them up, I just prefered that method since they still had a little blood on them. I prefer my meat a tad more well done.
Hope this helps someone out somewhere, and if you try it, I'd love to hear what you thought!
Have a fabulous day!
~Julie :}

Thursday, July 28, 2016

An F.Y.I. for the short shy folded ealier his month. I was their Salt Lake City Budget Fashion Examiner a couple of years ago, so I have decided to repost all my articles here on my blog. 

And so, we have once again arrived at 'the golden hour' of Summer. Whether you will be spending these last few precious weeks far from home on a much needed getaway or scouring the hottest back to school sales at your favorite local store; either way, you'll want to take advantage of the warmer weather and the clothing that pertains to it while you still can.
We are about to cover a potentially delicate topic today. One that leaves many a local lady looking awkwardly the other way. However, have no fear, whatever your preconceived notions about this Summer clothing item may be in regards to both yourself and others, we are here to clear some stigmas and prove to the doubters that it is possible for a any person, no matter their shape or size to look well in shorts.
That's right. Shorts.  Okay, so maybe not all of you cringe at the idea of donning these cousins of the Capri which bare a little more leg than your pioneer ancestors would have thought proper.  Anyone outside of Northern Utah may even think this cautious introduction completely unnecessary if not  insane. Yet, here in this rather diverse hemisphere and admittedly unique culture which has often been labeled as “The Bubble”; we feel that there are quite a few things going against this member of the apparel family that has rendered it a bit of a black sheep.

Though we try not to recall a time when we've seen someone wearing cycling shorts that were at least two sizes to small, we try not to dwell.
Transversely, others have just as easily made the mistake of choosing a pair too large, or simply the wrong pair for their figure. These things do happen, but they need not set your against shorts altogether.
To say no one looks good in them is a blanket statement that we are about to disprove.
Of course, it may not be your opinion of others that has you shying away from baring your legs. If are one who hasn't slipped into a pair of shorts since you were fifteen and your tactless boyfriend remarked that your legs reminded him of chicken legs--Not explaining whether he was referencing a raw drumstick or a chicken's actual scaly, stick-like leg--Well, toss those insecurities aside! this article's for you.

If you want to add curves:
For those ladies who are embarrassed to bare super thin, less shapely legs, you may rejoice that the shorts best for your body type are some of the most fun and fashion forward. To add curves look for pairs that are a bit curvy in and of themselveslike this pairHigh waistline shorts are a great way to create curves by emphasizing your natural waistline. Fun details like pleatsbuttons, gathers, big front bowscuffs, bold colors and/or patterns are also great for your body type and light, flowing fabrics will not only feel wonderfully breezy but will look wonderful as well. Many styles may even look more like skirts. If your legs are particularly twiggy find the happy balance between fitted and gaping. Koolot styles are especially un-flattering on super thin legs when they are quite wide yet cut very short. If your legs are rather long, lean toward longer pairs of shorts to balance this. We suggest mid thigh to knee length as the best for you.

To add a slimming effect:
On the other end of the spectrum, those ladies who feel shy about baring a shapely thigh need not fear! There are plenty of styles out there that not only keep your quads covered but also offer a flattering, slimming effect as well. The trick is to find that length that hits you right where your thigh naturally begins to taper toward to knee. (Never cutting yourself off at the widest part of your thigh). Stick with either single toned neutral fabrics or vertical stripes if you want a pattern.
Flat fronts
 and more fitted (though not skin tight) straight leg cuts are also great. 
Keep it simple. Avoid going too big or baggy, as well as details like pleats, tiny floral prints and pockets that pooch out. Also stay away from thin fabrics as they will not offer the support you need. Some experts say to stay away from cuffs, but we think that is something you'll have to experiment with yourself as we feel it varies from case to case. Cuffing also might be the best way to figure out your perfect length. Wearing casual heels or wedges will also add visual length and definition.

To add length:
If your legs are on the short side, the trick to adding length is actually to go for shorter length shorts. 4-5 inch inseams are best. (Knee length shorts actually just make you look shorter by cutting you in half visually).
This info may seem intimidating at first, but just think how this can really benefit you. This means that those super cute little board shorts that are often worn as cover-ups at the lake or pool will look amazing on petite little you! Granted, you may not want to put on mini shorts as an everyday attire option, yet you can still take advantage of the style in special circumstances like if participating in a sport, like tennis or jogging; when your everyday attire would be too hot or restrictive.
Pairing your shorts with wedge sandals or heeled sneakers will also add length to your legs, while keeping with the casual vibe. Also, vertical stripes can add length, but avoid them if you are already quite thin.

So you see, there are a lot of options out there! Hopefully these tips will help you in narrowing down what styles will best fit your needs (and that truly does fit. Remember, if there's a muffin top involved, you are NOT too big, the shorts are too SMALL.) Now go for it! Find that pair that's perfect for you and enjoy letting the sun shine on those stems for a bit before it's time to bundle up them again. 

Happy basking!