Friday, February 20, 2009

Me Being Green

So I used to have a lot of Tupperware dishes in various sizes when I first got married. . . . Then slowly, (except for the large ones in which I keep flour, and sugar and such) most of them have slowly disappeared . . . Especially the nice small to medium sized one's that are good for leftovers. The main reason this is happening is that I will send these dishes with Jacob to work, and sometimes they get lost, or sort of melted in the microwave.
You know that thing Tupperware does after a while were it gets all cloudy and rough on the inside but it won't wash off because it's like the plastic is eroding away? Yeah, that happens . . . it's gross because no matter how hard I scrub I'm never sure how clean they really are. Also, Tupperware gets stained sometimes too . . . Sooo, I've been thinking I need to go and buy new Tupperware dishes . . . but then I realized something . . .

I always feel so guilty when I throw away the empty tubs of whipped topping, and sour cream and cottage cheese, and yogurt . . . you know, items like that . . . they usually have rather nice containers, but having been a pack rat in my past life, I've known better than to save them all the time. Until I realized something . . . If I use these containers for my leftovers, I won't feel so bad if they get lost or melted or cracked or stained or whatever, because I used to throw them away after using their original contents anyway! It actually makes a lot of sense to use them instead of buying new Tupperware because if I do that, even nice Tupperware get's yucky eventually and it's just kind of wasteful, especially when I'm buying plastic containers when I buy my sour cream anyway.
I hope all this rambling makes sense. Anyway, I'm way excited about this idea, and then of course, I can always recycle these containers when I want to replace them, but this way I'm not also using expensive Tupperware when I've already purchased these.


One thing though, I realized there could be a problem with this green solution. I needed a way to make sure I knew what is in them, because due to their opacity it can be easy to forget what they contain and never remember to use it till it's growing a fuzzy little pet in my fridge.

Then I had another inspiration. I have a little white board on the side of my fridge with it's own dry erase marker, so I realized that I can write on the containers so I know what's in them, and then I can just wipe it off, or it will wash right off once the container is empty. This way I'm not dealing with permanent ink or sticky tape or labels. Plus, I think that would be a waste of tape.

Tada! I am a genius! (Sometimes :} )