Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Cookie Mix Jars

So I've been saving containers like tupperware's and jars all year in an effort to be less wasteful. As you can see in my "green tupperware" post the plastic containers have had immediate use for me.
However, I've been having a hard time finding a use for the glass jars, like the ones left over from pasta sauce. I love to buy Classico pasta sauce in bulk at Costco because it's so good and it's cheaper than buying other brands individually. I use it in a lot of recipes from the obvious pasta to pizza sauce to homemade tasting tomatoe soup. (if I'm out of the regular stuff.)

Anyway, they've been accumulating in my cupboard all year and I know Jake was starting to feel annoyed with me because as far as he's concerned we should just throw stuff away from the get-go. But the jars are so nice I feel really bad throwing them away . . . much worse than if I throw away the plastic containers from my sour cream.

So yeah, anyway, I had an epiphany this November when looking at all these jars I realized that I could use them for Christmas gifts which would be putting them to good use as well as getting them out of my cupboard. :)

So I went online and looked at recipes for making a cookie mix in a jar. Most of them expect you to have regular mason jars with a ring separate from the lid, but I actually only had one of those from a jar of homemade apple sauce some neighbors gave to Jake when he helped them move. So I decided that since the Care Bear Ornaments were mostly for my sister-in-law, that I should give something that my brother Eric could enjoy . . . I figured cookies are a good gift, especially one's he can make himself when he feels like it. I decided to give them my mason jar with the typical fabric and ribbon decoration.

The Classico jars have one piece screw on lids so I decided to just paint those ones instead of cover them with cloth. I could have given a painted one to Eric and Ginny, but since Ginny is an artist too, I figured it would be better not to give her something that she might think was poorly executed. (Just in case.) So yeah, here's the cloth covered one I made for them.
Yep, I used leftoever material from the Strawberry Shortcake costume.

And here are more detailed shots of my painted lids. I gave these to some of my neighbor friends.
If anyone is interested in doing some of these, I used these directions from this website to make mine.