Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Cure for Cancer

So a little over a year ago a friend sent me and awesome article that changed some of my views on vaccinations and maintaining one's health. After reading it, despite all the freaking out everyone was doing about the Swine flu, and despite being pregnant and having the nurse midwives offer me a vaccination every time I visited, I decided to decline a vaccination and try an experiment. Instead I started taking a 2000 UI Vitamin D supplement. And no, I did not get the flu.

The article was very adamant about the fact that vaccinations, especially for influenza, are no guarantee that you will not get sick, and may even increase the risk. This is mainly because they are created year to year from an old form of flu and every year the flu changes. So the vaccination you get is not the same flu you are fighting. The article also pointed to Vitamin D deficiency as the main cause for getting sick during "flu season" which made sense to me because people get a lot less sun in the colder months. Anyway, you are welcome to read the full article here. This is mainly my intro to another, even more amazing discovery about the benefits of the Sunshine Vitamin.

My sister sent me a great article today that reinforces my belief that vitamin D is very important. You can read the full article here.

It is rather long but in summery, if roughly tells us this: Vitamin D is the cure for Cancer, and a deficiency in Vitamin D is the cause of Cancer and many of the debilitating diseases.

Here's a little excerpt from the article that I wanted to share. Enjoy!
~Julie :}

"Centuries ago, when Vikings and other European seafarers took to the high seas for years at a time, they pioneered new trade routes and they mostly died of skin cancer. Native American Indians, living mostly outdoors, also mostly died of skin cancer.


You never heard that? Right. Because it didn't happen.

Here are a few things that really did happen:

•In the 1980s, dermatologists began warning about the dangers of sunlight. Their advertisements were heavily funded by the cosmetics and sun screen industry.

•In the 1980s the current triple childhood epidemics of asthma, diabetes, and autism quietly began. Rates of cancer and other chronic illnesses began to escalate.

•In 1989, the American Medical Association's Council on Scientific Affairs warned about the dangers of sun-exposure, advising mothers and children to "stay out of the sun as much as possible."

•In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned mothers to always keep infants out of direct sunlight, use sun-protective clothes, sun block, and make sure children's activities in general minimize sunlight exposure.

•In 2000, it was documented that rickets – vitamin D deficiency – is making a comeback in American children who drink less milk and more juice and sodas.[1]

Today, we have escalating rates of cancer and chronic disease. Many say hiding from the sun's rays, and living with the subsequent low levels of vitamin D, was one of the tickets to that train wreck.

Let There Be Light
Mankind was designed to bask in the rays of the sun."

More Julie Notes:
Honestly, this rings so true to me. I mean, the sun gives life to everything on earth. How could something so good for us also be killing us? Obviously, you can have too much sun and get heat stroke, but if I'm not mistaken that has more to do with being over heated and dehydrated. If we drink enough water and get enough sunshine like our ancestors years ago, I bet we'd see an end to a lot of our problems. Just saying.

~Julie :}