Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Favorite Tortilla Recipe

My husband wanted me to make homemade tortillas a while ago just to help save money so we don't have to buy the store bought ones.

I was a bit nervous but I found this recipe and I LOVE it! After having homemade, store bought tortillas taste so gross to me. Plus everyone has these ingredients laying around their house, even if they don't cook. (we all had groceries showers when we got married right?)

I found the recipe on my favorite recipe site--

Here's the link: Tortilla's IIJulie Notes:
The recipe calls for shortening, which I never buy ( 'cause I think it's yucky!) I use real butter (cold from the fridge) and it works just fine.

P.s. I didn't take this photo, (although I couldn't help white balancing it) it's actually from one of the users from the site, but this is a lot like how mine turn out when I make them. Yummy!

Update (almost one year later): One problem with making these has always been that it's a bit tough for me to roll them out thin enough for my liking. I don't have a lovely marble rolling pin like my Mom's, after all . . . Just a wooden one. So I would often wait till Jake got home so he could use his brute strength the help me flatten the dough a bit more. But that results in us eating a lot later. So . . . . .

(This will seem like a random tangent, but trust me here . . .)

My friend Kayleen told me about one of her favorite recipes: Black Bean Burgers. She was raving about them and told me I could find the recipe on her blog.

See, I get black beans from WIC because canned beans are something they offer and I usually get black beans because they're my favorite. I would usually just eat them straight, just heated from the can as a simple side dish and we enjoyed them quite a bit. But one can only eat them like that so often before they become 'not a favorite'.
Therefore, I'd been trying to find other ways to use them but usually all I could think of was to throw them into soup or chili or a salad and I just felt like we weren't going through them fast enough for how much we were accumulating. So when Kayleen mentioned this recipe I was very excited to try it.

I must confess, though they were good, they aren't a very favorite. Jake found them to be a bit dry, but the whole experience opened my mind to more possibilities. And then I came up with my genius discovery!

Black Bean Tortillas.

With the addition of some pureed black beans (and additional flour of course) the above recipe becomes so much easier to roll out flat, plus the fiber and protein is increased and honestly, they don't really taste any different to me. Tada! (It's times like these I wonder if I should open my own restaurant.)