Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I Ate: 04-03-12

On the morning of April 3, 2012, my girls were asking for eggs and toast for breakfast. We only had about two eggs left and so I wasn't sure how far that would go between the two of them. (let along their mom) Somehow in talking with them though, it occurred to me that I could make french toast and that would make the eggs go further. To my surprise my almost 5 year old asked, "What's french toast?" I was like, "Really? has it really been that long that you don't remember it?"  So I figured it was high time I made some again.
When I was a kid my mom always let us put powdered sugar on our french toast even in addition to the sugary jam or syrup. I have powdered sugar (possibly from my grocery shower seven years ago? o.O) but since we've been trying to cut out processed foods I hadn't touched it in forever. That particular morning though, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to let the girls try some along with their organic butter and real maple syrup. Just for the experience. (I know, it seems a little backwards to give a child organic breakfast with powdered sugar on top.)
After two happily sugared up children left the table to go play, it was Mommy's turn for breakfast. We had one remaining slice of organic nine grain bread and barely enough egg mixture to just coat it, but I made it anyway and when it came to topping it I almost caved into the nostalgia of powdered sugar, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so I gritted my teeth and stowed it back in the pantry during which process my eyes fell on the container of pure cocoa powder and I had a little eureka.

Oh, my goodness! I was soooo goood!  After I took these pics and started cutting into my french toast the cocoa began to blend with the maple syrup and basically turned to chocolate syrup. Yet, not at all resembling the nasty plastic-squeeze bottle junk you can buy in the store. It was rich a sweet but wholesome tasting too. I'm so glad I discovered this trick!
I have since experimented with making chocolate syrup using those two ingredients and it works really well, only you have to expect it to be a bit thinner than the store bought version because when I used enough cocoa to make it thick it was a bit too strong, even for someone like me who loves really dark chocolate.