Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I Ate: 03-23-12

Today I'm going to be playing "Catch Up" and try to whittle down the list of all the things I've taken photos of in the past while (*Cough-six months-cough*) that I intended to post but never did.
Most of these things are food photos that I took when I was particularly excited about a new recipe or snack that I'd concocted.
On (an online wishlist/shopping community) many of the members will write a "What I Wore" post on their blogazine so that they can share of some their creative outfits or newly purchased attire. I've decided will all the back-dated photos of food I have, that it would make sense to do that same thing only with what I ate instead. So I'm starting with the oldest one's first and will work my way forward to today. (We'll see if it still is today by the time I get to it. :}  )

This first one is simple enough . . .

I don't buy chips much anymore, (mainly because of the whole GMO thing) but someone gave me some of these blue corn chips after a party and I knew my hubby would be happy to have some again for a change, so I took them home.
I figured that for me a least, any excuse to make homemade guacamole was a good excuse..

When I make guacamole I usually don't follow a recipe anymore, I just puree the avocado in my little hand blender along with some fresh minced garlic, a tomato and some lime (or lemon) juice and salt. I just sort of eyeball it.
I'll add other things too, if I feel like it or have them on hand. In fact, last December when I went to Arizona to spend Christmas with my sister she and I concocted our own guacamole/hummus. It was really good and that was the first time I discovered what tahini is. (in case you don't know it's toasted sesame seed paste) So after that I went out and purchased some organic tahini from the health food section of Smith's Marketplace and started making my own hummus at home a lot too. In fact, six months later, I am completely out of tahini and will need to go purchase some more soon because I love me my hummus.

For those who are wondering, I usually buy all my beans dry now and soak/cook them up in the crock using this method I found on pinterest a few months ago. Then I freeze them in jars like this until I need some beans and then I'll just stick a jar or two in the fridge the night before.  I feel a lot better not buying the canned beans since almost everything canned has (toxic) soy in it now.

Anyway, so I've made hummus with garbanzo beans a lot but the last time I made hummus I actually tried using zucchini like this recipe I found on pinterest here. It was really good and I didn't even notice a difference in flavor. I think the only downfall is that with bean hummus I know I'm getting some protein, but not so much with that zucchini kind. Still, if you can't eat beans (or gluten) the zucchini kind is a great alternative.