Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three New Uses for Plastic Baby Clothes Hangers (Smart Solutions, Parenting July 2008)

Sorry the image quality is so bad. This was taken with my phone. (My hubby has my camera and the scanner is broken) I couldn't find the online version of these tips. They're from the July 2008 Issue of Parenting magazine, but I guess they don't keep archives that far back . . . Eeenyways . . . I just thought the ribbon hanger idea was really clever and wanted to remember it without hanging onto the magazine page, so here you go . . .   Three New uses for plastic baby clothes hangers. :} Enjoy!

~Julie :}


  1. That is a great idea! I always have a lot of ribbon. I will have to try this!

    How are you btw, Julie? I miss you!

  2. I'm doing pretty well... just keeping busy, being a mom for my two adorable girls and figuring out how to be a better wife and housrkeeper...

    How are you doing? I miss you too!