Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Stockings for the Family! . . . (and Special Thanks to My Sisters!)

My oldest sister, who is a professional designer, has excellent taste; but has recently been short on storage space.
As such, I agreed to store her multiple bins of material for her, bins just packed with fabric that she has used for both personal sewing projects, as well as decor projects for clients.
She told me that I can use any of the scraps I want to, and believe me, there is quite a lovely selection to choose from!

Ever since having my first two kids, our stockings for Christmas have been rather hap-hazard and mismatched. We received one random stocking as part of a gift when we got married, (I don't recall why they only gave us one. It was probably full of treats or something.) So for our first year of Christmas together I went to the dollar store and bought another fuzzy stocking that almost matched.

I've also received a couple of mini stockings from my grandma over the years . . .
She would decorate a tree with them and each year we'd pick the one off the tree that had our name on it, and find some money inside. 'The money tree' was such a cute tradition!

Anyway I used one of the mini stockings for my oldest baby for her first couple of years, and then when I had a second baby I had the second one. However, these mini stockings hold very little. . . This wouldn't normally matter much except that this year we're spending Christmas with my Sister's family in Arizona.
She has two kids of her own and I didn't want my own kids to be comparing the size of their stockings to their cousins' so I decided it was time to upgrade.

My sister is A Domestic Goddess and has made her own family's stockings that are a nice size; not too big, and not too small, so I called her and asked for the pattern.
She mailed it to me right away and I went through all the glorious swathes of fabric in my storage unit.

My oldest sister, who I mentioned before, made a stunning Queen Elizabeth costume for her daughter for a school project last year. . . Which, of course, also made an appearance for Halloween.

The leftover scraps of luxurious gold brocade, and lovely, silky sari material really spoke to me, and I felt they would look great with my Christmas decor for years to come, since my front room is decorated with an Oriental twist.

The sari fabric was two sided, so that gave me three different options for at least three stockings . . . That way they would coordinate, but still be different enough that everyone could tell theirs apart. However, we have four people in our family, so I went to the fabric store and was lucky enough to find a lovely gold brocade piece in the remnants bin!
This is so perfect, because I already have pillows made from this same bamboo brocade material in my front room; only my pillows are gold bamboo against black.

I also found some lovely burgundy lining I was able to use for the inside of the stockings, and some matching cording to use for the loops.

 I also love that the sari material was two sided because this way my two girls can have very similar stockings, but still know which is which.
 I decided the Bamboo one looked the most masculine so I've decided my hubby can have that one, and I will have this gold brocade one that ties them all together. That's what mom's do right?
 I'm really pleased with how they turned out!
 And it's such a relief to know that my kids will have the same sized stockings as their cousins so they won't think Santa is playing favorites or something. ;)
I guess, they look done enough, anyway . . .
I also bought some fun jeweled trim to add to the top of each stocking but Kate has used her amazing toddler skills to make all of my trim magically disappear . . . . Maybe someday she'll be a magician.
I think they look okay without the trim though . . . It's just kind of annoying because if I'm not going to use it, why on earth did I buy it?
Hope you all have a very lovely Christmas!