Friday, October 1, 2010

Costumes Coming out my Ears!

So you know the saying that if you pay your tithing you'll get more blessings than you can even handle? Well it's true.

I had two big yard sales the second and third Saturday in September and I made sure to pay my tithing on my earnings and now my long ignored Etsy shop has had some major attention. I have been commissioned to make four custom costumes for Halloween this year. And I have about Three weeks to do it in. I have to make a Jiggly Puff for a girl in Australia, a XXXL BYU Cheerleader for a seven foot tall man, another Baby Ewok, and a 'Vintage' Witch for a lady with a broken arm, who has to wear a brace and sling. On top of that I was, of course, planning to make costumes for my own family so that adds another four costumes which makes a total of EIGHT costumes that need to be done in the next three weeks. *Phew*

Oh, and I've also been commissioned to design two logos for two different businesses who both want it ASAP.

I've been wanting to get work like this for years so I could feel like I'm helping to support this family while still being able to be at home with my girls. This is really cool and exciting, but I do rather feel like I just had a truck load of blessings dumped on me. Kind of hard to catch it all.

I think I'll be okay though, just no time to waste on frivolities this month. I'm pretty far on the jiggly puff. I want to have it done this weekend since it has the farthest to travel. Here's a little sneak preview of my progress so far. Woah, I totally just had déjà vu while I was uploading that picture. Crazy. I think I had a dream about this moment in my life. Wow . . . Freaky! I guess it's meant to be . . . When I showed Jake my concept for how I was going to do this one he laughed and said that he thinks I've found my calling in life . . . Hmm, maybe. So yeah, anyway . . . Sorry. Random Tangent. I've got to get this one done by tomorrow!

Then It's on to the Cheerleader, the Ewok and the Witch, which I might work on simultaneously. I hope I can have them done soon. My family costumes I'm planning are pretty simple, especially compared to years past, but they will still take some time.

I'm not sure if I'll be on here to update again till after Halloween, but I'll try to make sure I share all the pictures when I'm done.

I must say, I am actually really relieved that no one wanted to pay for me to make them a Strawberry Shortcake costume this year. I think I'm done with her for a while. . . *Big sigh of relief*

Happy New Month!
(I hope!)

P.s. I was just reminded that I'm also supposed to design Baby Shower invites for a lady I visit teach . . . Yay.

~Julie :}