Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Custom Costumes are Complete.

I actually finished the Jigglypuff a few weeks ago and managed to get it shipped to Australia hopefully in enough time. The latest she should get it is Friday. The earliest would have been yesterday. I really hope it will be sooner rather than later. Anyway, here is the finished costume in all it's puffy glory.Once that was done I went straight to work on the Cheerleader the witch and the Ewok. I finished the witch first of those three.
Then I got the Ewok done in about 30 hours and had them shipped 2-day to Texas. So those should have arrived yesterday as well.
On Sunday my seven foot tall client actually drove down from Wyoming so he could have a final fitting. This was good because though I had the shirt done, I was feeling a bit iffy about the skirt since I didn't have a skirt pattern that large and knew he wasn't going to be shaped like a woman anyway. We got that finished up within an hour and a half or so and had him pose before he drove home with his costume.

It was the most liberating feeling as I walked home with Jake from his office (where we held the fitting) in the cool autumn night. Jake was holding my hand. He doesn't get the chance to do that much anymore. I felt as light as air walking away from my last costume and the fact that I didn't have to ship it was a bonus.

I believe I also mentioned that I was commissioned to do two logos this month as well. Here they are.

So between the costumes and the logos I actually made about $500 this month. Woo-hoo! Maybe my hubby will want to keep me around. :} Especially since all that is probably going toward the mortgage payment this month. Looks like it's time to get some more work!