Monday, January 17, 2011

Flavor Tripping Parties

A year or two ago, I was invited to a Flavor Tripping Party. I wasn't able to attend though I was fascinated by the concept. Basically there is an African berry that will temporarily alter your taste buds if you eat it. It will make anything you eat right afterward taste sweet. Click the picture to read the full article.I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to try this but since a friend of mine was able to host such a party, I thought I'd put it out there and ask; have of you ever tried this? Would you try it if you could? May your coming week be sweet.
~Julie :}

Thanks to Charles Lee, who commented on my blog, I now know where one can purchase these. At this site they have fresh berries for about $2 a berry, or you can buy the Mberry tablets, 10 for $15.

Also, on this site they had a link to the Rachel Ray show where they try the Miracle fruit. You can check it out here.