Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scandinavian Costume (A Theme for Flowering Vine)

This is one of the last themes I came up with for the Flowering Vine Live Wallpaper App.
I started out wanting to do one with a red and turquoise color scheme which I had seen in some fashion ensembles and was really liking. Once I actually got going with the colors I decided to use the linen looking background because it reminded me of folk embroidery, like you'd see on a vintage sampler or maybe an ethnic blouse.
It took me some time to come with with the name because something like "Traditional Ethnic Embroidered Blouse" not only was way too long, but it didn't flow. Finally after searching around through images on Google, as well as terms in a thesaurus I finally came up with the name 'Scandinavian Costume', which, seems to fit the red blue theme since such styles ultimately seems to have been the inspiration for a lot of the red/blue designs one sees these days.