Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 years of Marriage, a Pixie Cut and DIY Gel

Monday was our 7 year anniversary. We had a nice lunch out to the Happy Sumo where we enjoyed some delectable sushi. Then headed back to my in-laws where we'd left our girls. Then Jake watched the kids while I went and got my hair all chopped off. I've been drooling over various pixie cuts on Pinterest so I finally decided to go ahead and just do it. I showed the pic linked above to the hairdresser but I guess I should have been less trusting of her hair cutting know-how because this is totally not the same cut. Too short in the front and too long on the sides. Of course I was looking down most of the time so I didn't realize the discrepancy until it was way too late. Darn it. Still, hair is hair and it will grow . . . eventually. 
I sort of ignored it yesterday but as I have places to go today I decided it was time to see what could be done with my new 'do. I was completely out of hair goo, and because of trying to cut down on chemicals in my cosmetics I haven't been too excited to buy more or pay for an organic solution. (haven't even seen anything like hair gel in the organic section of the grocery store anyways.) So, I turned to my old buddy Pinterest. I'd already found recipes for DIY hair spray, detangler and the like so I figured somebody had also figured out a hair gel recipe. Pinterest, you never let me down. :} I am modeling hair gel made with only two ingredients. Unflavored gelatin and water. Tada!

Oh, yeah. After a BBQ at my in-laws on Monday, Jake and I snuck away again and went to see Mirror, Mirror in the dollar theater. I loved it! It was so fun! I'm all about almost over-the-top cheesy-ness. The whole tooth sparkle thing just cracked me up. Sort of a fun nod to Tony Curtis in The Great Race. I also was very impressed with Lily Collins. She is lovely. I think her smile is so gorgeous. It reminds me of Katherine Grayson's a little bit. I wish I had a heart shaped smile like that. *Le sigh*.