Monday, September 13, 2010

Poison in You Protein Powders?

I've been using protein shakes and meal replacement shakes (like instant breakfast) off and on for a long time. Not as a dieting solution or meal replacement, but more as a supplement to have with a meal to help beef it up since I tend to eat small amounts, especially in the morning when one should have a big healthy breakfast. I have a hard time eating that much.

When I started breastfeeding my first child I noticed that I was feeling really weak a lot and I knew it was because I was having a hard time feeding myself enough calories to give me the energy I needed for the day.

So I started buying instant breakfast to help supplement my meals if I knew they weren't particularly large or rich in nutrients. After having my second baby this past December and starting up the old breastfeeding thing again I decided it was time to supplement my meals again and sent my hubby to Costco to pick up some instant breakfast. My main concern was getting extra protein because meat and dairy are so expensive that we don't eat a ton of those things.

My hubby compared prices on the various options there and the amount of protein per serving and decided Muscle Milk's chocolate protein powder made the most sense money and protein-wise. So yeah, I've been taking that occasionally for the past nine months. Not every day, more like once or twice every 2-3 weeks when I remember.

Anyway, we had some friends over last night who, when they saw the muscle milk sitting on top of our pantry, asked us if we'd heard that it had been recalled because it had arsenic in it. I hadn't heard about it, Jake was about to toss it but our friend suggested we look it up ourselves just to verify since they couldn't remember the details. I found it just now.

So yeah, the most important info to me is that you'd have to be having 3 servings a day for the levels to be high enough to be a problem. So, since it still cost some money to buy it, and it really does help supplement my protein, I'm not going to just toss my muscle milk. It's good to know though. I probably won't buy it anymore ever again.

Interesting too, that all those other brands of protein powder drinks have the same toxins in them. Crazy. I noticed instant breakfast wasn't mentioned among those other brands too, so I guess I'll just go back to using that once the muscle milk is gone. Anyway, just thought I'd share so you all know what your drinking in case you are using any of this stuff.

Have a great, healthy life!

~Julie :}